Our Quality

Quality is our incentive – and our promise: That is why Hydra Real Estate GmbH relies on strict and effective quality control. We not only monitor what we are legally obliged to do, but much more: According to the motto “four eyes see more than two”, the four-eyes principle applies to many things relating to construction.

We build fast, high quality, modern and beautiful. That’s something you can rely on. Take a look at our references – whether new build, renovation, apartment or house: Thanks to our extensive experience in all areas, you will always find the right one with us.

Our goal is the satisfied home owner. The fulfillment of your wishes is important to us. As owner-occupier, you are looking for an apartment where your family feels comfortable, where you meet friends, spend Christmas, cook, sleep – in short: the apartment where you spend most of your life. With our previous projects, we have already made many owner-occupiers happy who live contentedly in their new apartments.
As an investor, you are looking for an apartment that is ideal for renting. We have been landlords ourselves for many years and know what is in demand. We know the challenges of renting. We know exactly what you are looking for. Our apartments for investors are optimally geared towards tenant needs. We have you as an investor in mind right from the planning stage. Our apartments ensure excellent rental returns, with the chance of constant increases in value.

Sometimes, of course, you can’t avoid them: Small construction defects. Be it a tiny piece of chipped paint or a scratched door handle: Even if we apply the highest quality standards to ourselves and to our work, something like this can happen in exceptional cases. We fix such deficiencies consistently, quickly, definitively and accommodatingly. Because quality is our best calling card.

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