Real estate in Tyrol

Innsbruck & County of Innsbruck

Property is excellent – both as an investment and for owner-occupiers.

Property is on everyone’s lips in Tyrol. Whether in the state capital of Innsbruck or in the districts: the great demand for residential property didn’t start yesterday. Why?
Property in Tyrol is an excellent capital investment. This is because one usually buys property using bank financing. This loan “leverages” the equity. This means you can buy a large property with relatively little equity, as most of it is financed by credit.
The increase in the value of property is also factored in: since 2000, second-hand properties in Austria have increased in value by 94% on average. A long holding period protects against possible crises. Every portfolio should contain a property!
The loan instalments are serviced from the incoming rent. Your rented property is thus paid off month after month by the rent received, and, to put it simply, every month you own a little bit more of the property.
A property in which you live yourself provides security – and the indescribably good feeling of living within your own four walls and not being dependent on anyone. Individualists know: you can also do (pretty much) as you please in your own property. For many, owning their own property is the biggest investment in their life, and needs to be carefully considered.

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